Intuitive Music - Sono Eksperimento / IMO

Markus Stockhausen - conductor, trumpet, flugelhorn
Thomas Becker - piano, organ
Vanessa Vieto - voice, toys
Frank Ebeling - voice, electronic, art work, design
Ishu Lohmann - saxofon
Volkmar Müller - keyboard, electronics, monochord, light
Anne Krickeberg - vc, nyckelharpa
Dorit Schaeffler - clarinets
Karsten Gaul - flute, voice
Sabine Melchiori - bass
Stephanie Lepp - flute, bansuri
Anja Lautermann - flutes, zither, electronics
[ Website: Markus Stockhausen ]
Bilder: Viramo Lim

16.9. Nyingmazentrum Köln (IMO Köln), 17.9. Kölner Musiknacht, Stadtbibliothek Köln (IMO Köln), 25.9. Johanneskirche Völksen (IMO Laboratorium), 27.9. Kunststation St. Peter, Köln (IMO), 21.10. Antoniterkirche Köln (IMO Köln) 
28.01. Loft Köln (Kölner Ensemble Intuitive Musik), 12.02. Pauluskirche Köln, Filmmusik "Nosferatu" (Kölner Ensemble Intuitive Musik), 10.03. Kammerkonzertsaal Bottrop, 19.30 Uhr Konzert mit "Moving Sounds": Markus Stockhausen, Tara Bouman, Anne Krickeberg und Thomas Becker, 15-17 Uhr Workshop Intuitive Musik mit Markus Stockhausen, 16.09. Zentrifuge, Godesbergerallee 70, 53175 Bonn.
(siehe auch Termine, [ Website: Markus Stockhausen ])
18.03. Pauluskirche, 18 Uhr, "50 Jahre Intuitive Musik"

Thomas Becker offers the room of Pauluskirche, Köln where we can work together once a month or more. Intuitive music can be experienced there with changing leaders and special exercises to start the rehearsal. At special dates guests are welcome. Please feel free to contact us.

Some musicians take special care of management, art work, design, video.
All participants in the project are taking responsibility of all other duties and necessities.